Warwick 2011: End of Season

The Warwick 2011 field season was wonderfully productive. Consequently, we were endlessly busy. With the season at its close, I have a few breaths to post some project photos. They will not be in chronological order. For a day-by-day account of the Project, see Jason’s Blog at G-EOS.

The dive boat arrives at Terry’s dock outside Tuckers Point Hotel

Piotr is pulling up to the dock in our nearly adequate dive boat. It belongs to the Bermuda National Maritime Museum, and is somewhat overpowered. Hitting the throttle would probably blow the project budget. There are also few reefs in the harbor, which encourage slow going. Ross Perot had no such compunction about gas or reefs and was often seen moving very fast around the old Kings Anchorage.

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Author:Doug Inglis: divingarchaeology.com

I study the archaeology of seaborne exploration and contact. I am passionate about public history and outreach, and write about nautical archaeology at http://divingarchaeology.com

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