Taking Cores Samples

2008 - You can see the beautiful layers in the core. The peat compacted extensively.

We took a number of cores from Forest Canyon Pass to help reconstruct the saddle’s paleoenvironment. The small alpine ponds and wetlands have beautiful pollen records. The trick was to find one with deep enough sediments.

We finished coring just in time. An afternoon storm came up over the pass, and we had to boogey. We ran the Livingston and cores back to the Alpine Visitor Center in the rain. Thankfully, none of us ended up as lighting rods.

2008 - Tom Lux, Dr. James Doerner and Dr. David Diggs doing all the work. A park volunteer and I stood by and took photos.

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Categories: Forest Canyon Pass, Geology, Prehistoric Archaeology

Author:Doug Inglis: divingarchaeology.com

I study the archaeology of seaborne exploration and contact. I am passionate about public history and outreach, and write about nautical archaeology at http://divingarchaeology.com

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