Passing Archaeology On

The most important aspect of archaeology is passing knowledge on. If you can pass it on your family, that is great luck. It was wonderful to take my nephews around Forest Canyon Pass, and get them excited about archaeology. It incredible to be in these high places and think of how people moved, hunted, and engaged the breathtaking landscape. A flake was a perfect opportunity to talk about how people made tools, what archaeologists can learn from small chips of stone, and why it is important never to collect artifacts.

My father and my nephews examine a utilized flake.

Being in the passes, you get a phenomenology of the place – watching the game move, sensing the storm come in, baking in the sun and feeling the vast expanse between the mountain tops.

The trail, winding on over the saddle before it drops to Poudre lake and Milner Pass.

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Categories: Forest Canyon Pass, Outreach, Prehistoric Archaeology

Author:Doug Inglis:

I study the archaeology of seaborne exploration and contact. I am passionate about public history and outreach, and write about nautical archaeology at

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