The Light Fantastic

Early Morning Mist on the Aucilla - 2011 © Douglas Inglis

I took this picture in the early morning as Eddie and I drifted down the gentle Aucilla River. It was cool and the sun had just cleared the trees. Fog clung to the calm water as it slid along the banks and beneath the overhanging branches.

Our Morning Commute - 2011 © Douglas Inglis

Jessi and Ann came behind us on the small boat. Its Tohatsu engine starts only after excessive cursing, and then proceeds to violently and continuously rattle against the metal hull, creating an awful clamor all the way down the river. Yet, on this morning, even the quarrelsome motor could not interrupt the river’s peaceful feeling.

Eddie's Motor Boat with Reflecting Clouds - 2011 © Douglas Inglis

At the end of the day, we would tie the small boat alongside Eddie’s porch. I took this picture just after a bout of rain. The river was slack and calm, so the clouds reflected perfectly. The setting sun made the entire sky a vivid orange. I argued that it was pinkish, but lost.

Sunset on the Aucilla - 2011 © Douglas Inglis

Across the way, the sun set behind one of river cabins. Decades ago there used to be a speakeasy where it now stands. The river here is full of old bottles.

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Author:Doug Inglis:

I study the archaeology of seaborne exploration and contact. I am passionate about public history and outreach, and write about nautical archaeology at

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