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Passing Archaeology On

The most important aspect of archaeology is passing knowledge on. If you can pass it on your family, that is great luck. It was wonderful to take my nephews around Forest Canyon Pass, and get them excited about archaeology. It incredible to be in these high places and think of how people moved, hunted, and engaged the […]

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Taking Cores Samples

We took a number of cores from Forest Canyon Pass to help reconstruct the saddle’s paleoenvironment. The small alpine ponds and wetlands have beautiful pollen records. The trick was to find one with deep enough sediments. We finished coring just in time. An afternoon storm came up over the pass, and we had to boogey. […]

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Revisiting Forest Canyon Pass

I went hiking at Forest Canyon pass today. It is one of the most beautiful yet accessible places in Rocky Mountain National Park. The saddle dips between Trail Ridge and the continental divide. A dozen small tributaries join in the bottom of Forest Canyon and run southeast parallel the divide; these are the Big Thompson […]

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