Our Projects

Bạch Đằng River Survey, Vietnam | Read updates…

Burning the rice fields in Vietnam. - © 2011 Douglas Inglis

Part of the ongoing search for Kublai Khan lost fleet from his 1287 – 1288 CE invasion of Vietnam. Learn about the project here… and check out our most recent updates and photos.

Wayne’s Sink Excavation, Florida | Read updates…

Morning mist on the Aucilla River, Florida - © 2011 Douglas Inglis

Evidence of America’s first inhabitants is submerged in Florida’s Aucilla River. Find out more about the 2011 geoarchaeological investigation… and read the most recent updates.

Warwick Excavation, Bermuda | Read Updates…

The Bermuda Maritime Museum - home of the Warwick Project. - © 2010 Douglas Inglis

400 years ago the English Galleon Warwick sank in fierce Atlantic hurricane. Learn more about the ship and excavation… and follow our recent updates from the season!

Bajo de la Campana, Spain

Diving in Spain - © 2010 Veronica Morriss

Tell-Timai Excavation, Egypt | Read Updates…

A boat sailing up the Nile. © 2009 Veronica Morriss

Alpine Archaeology Inc., Colorado

Rain in the Rocky Mountains. - © 2009 Douglas Inglis

Forest Canyon Pass Survey, Colorado | Read Updates…

The survey crew looks out across the valley, Rocky Mountain National Park - © 2008 Douglas Inglis

UNC Field School, Colorado

Out on survey in North Park, Colorado - © 2008 Douglas Inglis

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