Doug illustrating a block from Heroine


A block from Heroine - 2010 (c) Douglas Inglis


The sail plan of a Shou-K'ou Ma-Yang-Tzu, based on historical documents, photos and two models in the Spencer collection at Texas A&M. Prepared for Anth 610: The Outfitting and Rigging of the Wooden Ship - 2011 (c) Douglas Inglis

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  1. February 24, 2012 at 3:41 pm #

    Hi Doug it looks like a very interesting life you are leading. I was feeling the frustration when you guys were trudging through the rice paddies I have had a similar experience in mud, when trying to extract your boot there is a large vacuum created, we had a metre of alloy tube with a one inch bend at the bottom that you jam down beside your boot to let air in as you lift your foot, it worked well. Maybe one day some clever person will make a boot with a built in tube with a one way valve. Happy days.

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